What's Inside?

Shroomy Mushroom Gummies utilize three specific mushrooms known for their benefits on the mind and body. No other product targets so many aspects of human performance in such a tiny package. Shroomy Mushroom Gummies give a boost to multiple ongoing systems within the body that are pivotal for human health. 

Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress are believed to be among the main causes of many modern illnesses. Lions Mane, the first of our three extracts, is known to combat these conditions and boost theimmune system. Maybe even more impressive, is lions mane ability to support cognitive functioning. Lions mane supports nerve growth in the brain and plays an active role in the survival, maintenance, and regeneration of neurons in both the central and peripheral nervous systems. Studies have begun to show evidence of lions mane combating early stage Alzheimers and dementia for the elderly - for the healthy individual, it can be supplemented to increase memory and even jumpstart creativity. The active lions mane ingredient in Shroomy Gummies keeps our bodies healthy, and our minds sharp. 

Similar to how mycelium controls the interworking systems of nature, mushrooms seem to have a unique ability to enhance the interworking systems of our bodies. Cordyceps, the second extract found in Shroomy Gummies, have several system enhancing properties of their own. Known to aid exercise performance, cordyceps help our bodies utilize oxygen more effectively by increasing the production of a molecule that delivers energy to the muscles. Stacked with the lions mane, the cordyceps in Shroomy Gummies give an additional boost to the immune system. Modern and ancient herbalists have used cordyceps to support healthy stamina and recent studies show evidence of anti aging properties within the organism. The extract combination in Shroomy Gummies was designed to create a rounded approach to overall health and longevity. 

On the subject of longevity, the third and final extract present in Shroomy Gummies has been referred to as the Mushroom of Immortality. Reishi mushrooms are best known for their anti aging properties, and even have the ability to fight cancer cells within your body. Similar to cordyceps and lions mane, Reishi boosts the immune system and aids the body’s ability to fight off infectious diseases.

Shroomy Gummies were created to form a symbiotic cohesion of body and mind. Using natural substances from the earth that control nature's impossible rhythm, our goal was to create a product that enhances the natural abilities and interplay of the body and mind.